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Modern Pest Control
is an ISO 9001 : 2000 certified company, dealing in pest control solutions and services for the past more than 25 years. During this span, we have grown from a very small pest control company to one of the most well recognized quality conscious pest control companies of India. We have both herbal as well as chemical products to help you get rid of the pest menace at your sweet home and workplace.


Over 50,000 Satisfied

Residential and Commercial Customers

  • Outstanding Pest Control Service Since 1989
  • Family owned and Operated
  • Serving NCR and North India
  • Trained Technician
  • Lowest Rates, Top Service
  • ISO Certified Co.
  • Licensed

Our New Noida office ::-

On March 2011 Modern Pest Control has taken a leap further by opening an office in Noida & Gurgaon We already have existing clients in Noida and Gurgaon. Some of them are listed below. For a long time our clients in this area are requesting us to open up a office in Noida & Gurgaon The growing demand and development of infrastructure and business opportunity in these areas has encouraged us to start a new office in NOIDA & GURGAON.

Some of our valued clients in Noida / Gurgaon -:
Virage LogicEldeco UtopiaAlchemist Hospital
Hongo IndiaEldeco Green MedowsSubros Ltd.
HaveliICREONL.G. Electronics
Sai ConsultancyKeihinShroff Eye Center

New Delhi Meghdoot Building, Nehru Place ,New Delhi 9811116831
East Delhi Jwala Heri Market, Delhi. 9899896550
Noida Mamura Mandi, Sector-66, Noida, UP 8860380562
Gurgaon Village-Wazirabad, Sector-56, Gurgaon 8745925230 / 9871963180
Faridabad Molarband Extension, Faridabad/Delhi Border 9643524982

Bird Spikes

Rs. 2500/- Per Aircondition
Call Now : 9811116831

Rat Ultrasonic Machine Rs. 3500/- Only
Ultrasonic Rat & Rodent Repellent Systems

  • Advanced ultrasonic technology products
  • 100% effective rat & rodent control method
  • No chemical or poison
  • No audible sound to humans
  • Its humane (PETA recommended), you are not killing rats, just chasing them away permanently.

Rat Repeller


Congratulation! We assure your paradise rat free, if you purchase our MUKTI electronic pest repeller. Pest are repelled using ultrasonic and sonic sounds to create a noisey, hostile environment for the pest but safe for human and domesticated animals. The sounds are based on ‘‘psychoacoustic jamming’’ principles.

Mode Setting

The MODE selector switch permits the average high rate modulation frequency to be changed between MODE -A (0 Hz), MODE-B(1000 Hz), or MODE-C (4000 Hz). The higher rate setting MODE- C is the normal setting MODE A or B may sometimes prove to be more effective for insects and spider .

  1. Harm less to humans and most pets.
  2. CLEAN and SAFE
  3. No toxic chemicals or messy traps. Compact and handy.
  4. Easy to install.
  5. Negligible power consumption.
  6. Can operate 24 hours non-stop.
  7. Different from medicines smoke /door without the fear of second pollution.
  1. Dimensions : 6"x4"x5"
  2. Power consumption : Less than 1 watt
  3. Input : 220 Volts AC
  4. Frequency Range (including side-bands and harmouncs):
High Pitch 20,000-50,000 Hz
Low Pitch 10,000-50,000 Hz
Loud Pitch 1,000-50,000 Hz
Sound Pressure Level-118 DB during peaks measured at 8 meters from speaker.

Price : Rs. 3500/- (Including All Taxes)

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